The more “sustainable” we buy, the more “sustainable” we sell

Yes. At Agilpack we are committed to sustainability.

Today we want to talk to you about our preferred raw material supplier: PLASTIGAUR.

The use of Plastic material is “controversial” to say the less but as you know sometimes is the most sustainable approach to packaging after calculating the whole LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) and compare it to other better perceived (such us cardboard, for example, and definitely to Expanded Polystyrene)

Our commitment with sustainability starts with taking decisions about

  • Using the less amount of material for packaging possible complying with packaging specifications
  • Designing easy to recycle packaging
  • Lowering volume in packaging when possible to save in transport CO2 footprint.

and of course

  • Working with Raw Material Suppliers also committed to Sustainability.

Our preferred plastic supplier is Plastigaur.

Plastigaur is probably the most “committed to sustainability” plastic extrusor in Europe.

We are lucky to have it very close to our own facilities, and together with Plastigaur we are developing the material used to make your packagin.

We want to share with you their Vision:

“To be a benchmark in sustainability in the flexible packing and packaging sector, through constant innovation and excellence in all processes.”

- Plastigaur’s  Vision

At PLASTIGAUR they place the Circular Economy at strategic level transforming all their activity. In fact, all its activity is governed by the principles of the Circular Economy, covered by its global and strategic commitment to sustainability.


economia circular

The aim of the Circular Economy is to reduce both the entry of new materials and waste production, tightening the economic and ecological stream of the resources.

To do this, they apply Ecodesign to all their products with the main aim of creating products with the maximum amount of recycled raw materials and introducing into the process 100% of the waste generated.

Their commitment to sustainability also takes the form of development of sustainable projects together with customers and suppliers, as well as public institutions and other agents from the academic or research world.

You can know more about them and their way of producing the most sustainable  plastic packaging material at

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