Disruptive Packaging for Home Appliances

We replace EPS with customized bubbles made with
reciclable plastic, complying with all packaging specifications.

Main advantages

Lower cost

We reduce an average of 20% the cost of your EPS pieces.

More flexibility

No molds required. We can adapt immediately to changes in product and packaging design.

Reducing environmental impact

We reduce +85% the carbon footprint in manufacturing and transport processes: Less material. Less transport. Recyclable.

AGILPACK Packaging System

Flexible packaging made of technical bubble film

More Sustainable

We use less material, it is recyclable and we reduce drastically energy use and transport.

More Flexible

Fast and low-cost prototyping process.

Cost Savings

Lower cost per piece, no need for molds and costs associated with changing packaging, and reduced stock.

Easy Integration

Significant reduction of stock space and automatable.

Molds Free. Flexible Packaging Design

It is no longer necessary to invest money in molds. With APS technology, design your packaging to suit your product. 

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