APS Pieces

Flexible Packaging

Fast and limitless

At AGILPACK we will replace the pieces in EPS (Expanded Polyestyrene) with pieces maede of customized bubbles of reciclable plastic.

Always complying with all your packaging specifications for dropping,  clamping, stacking or aging.

We reduce your direct and indirect costs with a more sustainable solution.

Agilpack Pieces

  • Reduce 20% the quantity of material needed (average)
  • Tehcnical multilayered film to create independent bubbles placed as required
  • Flexible packaging that allows for lesser volume and special shapes.
  • Easy adaptation for any surface such as handles, curves or corners

User Friendly Packaging Configurator

  • Fast design & re-design of your packaging pieces
  • Easy adaptaion to the product you want to package and taking into account your specifications.
  • You can manufacture your protoypes at the foot of your production line.

Molds Free. Flexible Packaging Design.

Do not invest money in molds. It is no longer necessary.

With APS technology you can design your packaging to suit your product easily.

APS Packaging

Improve your EPS packaging with our solution.

Customized designs

Easy adaptation to any kind of surfaces and shapes.

Recycled and Recyclable

Manufacture your pieces with recicled and recyclable materials. We use film and air to protect your products in a more sustainable way.

Reduce your stocks

You will manufacture your packaging at the foot of your production line.


We can provide a complete set for a big appliance every 14 seconds.

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