Our Commitment


Reducing the enviromental impact of packaging is our motivation


We want to close the circle being "enviromentally profitable" from all the perspectives along the packaging life cycle.

In fact, nowadays, the right use of the right amount of the right plastic is the more sustainable approach to packaging.

Together with our customers and suppliers we keep working in develping more sustainable solutions in the medium and long term.

We reduce around 85% the carbon footprint in the transformation and transport processes.*

Why do we say that using AGILPACK pieces is more sustainable?

Our packaging system allows for a drastic reduction of the carbon footprint when compared to the use of Expanded Polyestyrene (EPS).


Manufacturing and Transport

  • 11 times less volume to transport. 1 truck of APS equals 11 trucks of EPS.
  • 5 times less energy to manufacture the same amount of product.
  • 50% of the raw material used to manufacture the APS pieces can be recycled plastic (nowadays).

In the transport of the used packaging to recycling plants

  • 10 times less volumen. 1 truck with APS material for recycling would equal 10 trucks full of EPS.

*We have had made full Life Cycle analysis that certifies a reduction of over 47% of the enviromental impact when compared to EPS for a fridge. Please feel free to ask for it and we will share it with you.

Ecodesign Concept

We work together with our customers to deliver the most enviromentally efficient packaging, complying with their specifications.

Reducing the amount of material needed.

Reducing the volume of the packaging and therefore the space needed for transport and stock.

Using as much recycled material as possible.

AGILPACK Packaging System

Flexible packaging made of technical bubble film

More Sustainable

We use less material, it is recyclable and we reduce drastically energy use and transport.

More Flexible

Fast and low-cost prototyping process.

Cost Savings

Lower cost per piece, no need for molds and costs associated with changing packaging, and reduced stock.

Easy Integration

Significant reduction of stock space and automatable.

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